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Java TutorialsJava Tutorials - Java tutorials for mostly Java, but also JavaScript. We try and help you find free Java tutorials, help you create a calendar code, give you a Java GUI tutorial as well as video tutorials, Sun Java, Applet and more tuts.

This Java GUI Tutorial, article discusses and compares tools for building Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in Java. It describes experiences and results in trying to find tools for rapid development of Java GUIs.


Java GUI Tutorial

Creating a Basic GUI

This is a short java GUI tutorial example of how to create a basic Swing gui application in Java. (The tip consists mainly of the code shown below.) This example demonstrates a border layout and uses buttons inside of panels to fill in the layout. To build an application from this, simply replace the buttons with gui components of your choosing.

You will notice a method is used to create and launch a frame. We do not extend JFrame. In theory, by not doing this, it allows us to inherit from another object thus giving us more flexibility. Well, in theory anyway.

I initialize components as attributes of the class. Since Swing components used to build the UI do not change, this seems like a good place to define them. The constructor is then used to assemble the components you have defined.

Sample Output

Sample output

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